Ariel Meyerowitz is a professional art advisor with 27 years of experience in the field of contemporary art and photography.

Founded in January 2006, Ariel Meyerowitz Art Advisory counsels new and experienced collectors and companies in their quest for contemporary and vintage photography, contemporary painting, works on paper, and sculpture.

Ariel imparts a discerning eye and utilizes her broad knowledge and deep relationships with galleries and artists to guide her clients smoothly and discreetly toward their collecting goals. Whether the client seeks to acquire a few artworks or wishes to build a substantial private or corporate collection, Ariel is resourceful, rises to unique challenges, and ultimately pairs each client with works of art that suit their aesthetic.

Prior to establishing her Advisory, Ariel owned her eponymous photography gallery in New York City from 1999-2005. During those 6 years, the gallery's exhibitions and artists were regularly reviewed in national newspapers and magazines as well as profiled on major local and national TV and radio programs. Previously, she was the Associate Director of James Danziger Gallery in New York City from 1995-1999, preceded by several years in San Francisco at the Friends of Photography / Ansel Adams Center, and Scott Nichols Gallery.

Ariel is the daughter of photographer, Joel Meyerowitz, and painter, Vivian Bower. She was born and raised in New York City and now lives in Brooklyn with her husband, David Weller, founder of Artwell Guide, their daughter, and, until recently, their 22 year old cat.


Ariel Meyerowitz
1 Grand Army Plaza, Apt #5A
Brooklyn, NY 11238
(917) 685-0089

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