"I’ve known Ariel since 2010, and have worked with her on a number of projects. She’s an absolute professional, efficient with our time and a great advocate for her clients. Always inquisitive, respectful, discrete and diplomatic, Ariel does her due diligence prior to our meetings and is an active participant in her presentations with her clients, employing sound knowledge, patience and humor. She’s the best to work with." - Director, Kasmin Gallery

"I've known Ariel since 2008 and we have worked on a number of projects together over the years. She has always been completely professional in her approach and clear and straightforward in her dealings. In addition to her keen attention to detail and her knowledge of the contemporary art world and her passion for the field, Ariel is a warm and caring individual, and someone who inspires lasting affection, trust and the respect of her clients and colleagues. Ariel is a woman with remarkable integrity and forthrightness."
- Partner, Danese Corey Gallery

"Ariel is truly a pleasure to work with. I have known her as an art advisor and gallery client for over 13 years. Her deep knowledge and love of art is readily apparent in even a brief conversation. She takes her role seriously and educates her clients. I am always impressed with the number of exhibitions she manages to take in and in her quest to educate herself about what is on view. Ariel has conducted herself professionally and ethically in every transaction we have had. Furthermore, her relationships with her clients have a commendable level of transparency."
- Partner, Sikkema Jenkins & Co.

“In the multiple deals I’ve worked on with Ariel she has demonstrated the kind of seriousness and professionalism that dealers count on. She’s always prepared, diligent, and brings meaningful value to the process. Not all art advisors do!”
- Associate Director, Hirschl & Adler

“When it comes to art, I know what I like, but decorating my office and my home with both creativity and continuity was quite an undertaking, and I’m convinced the fantastic results can be attributed to Ariel. Her professionalism and responsiveness are absolute top notch, but that’s not what impressed me the most – Ariel’s intuitive ability to find pieces - special and unique pieces that have become meaningful to me, is what distinguishes her. Her presentations and digital renderings made the process of filling a 20,000 square foot office and a 6,500 square foot home not only stress free but exciting. Ariel is a supreme talent. I can’t wait for our next project together!”
- Private client since 2000

“Ariel and I have been friends for nearly 20 years. But when I was ready to buy my first substantial piece of art back in 2006, I hired Ariel. She listened to my needs, worked within my budget and guided me through the process in a way that made me feel comfortable. With her personal approach, along with her vast knowledge and expertise, I made the right decision, which as a result, has evolved into a closer friendship and the acquisition of many more amazing works of art to add to my collection!” - Private client since 2006

"Ariel was a joy to work with from the moment she measured and surveyed our rooms in our new home until the time that we had our art work installed. She listened attentively to our guidance and then gave us ample options which came alive when we visited the galleries with her. Her recommendations on sizing within our space was very helpful along with her knowledge about the artists and galleries. Ariel delivers fully on a service that will de-stress the process and make it a most meaningful experience in discovery and delight."
- Private client since 2017