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Turtle Bay duplex.

Turtle Bay duplex.

Art Advisory Services

  • Site visit and initial consultation to discuss interests, collecting goals, and budget.

  • Advise on acquisitions to start and build upon existing art collections for both private and corporate collections.

  • Present a comprehensive selection of artwork for consideration through private viewings at galleries, artists' studios, and art fairs.

  • Perform all due diligence as to condition, provenance, market analysis and pricing.

  • Negotiate primary and secondary market purchases from international galleries, private collections, art fairs and bid on client’s behalf at auctions.

  • Oversee all details of commissioning site-specific artworks.

  • Oversee invoicing and consult on archival framing, installation, domestic and international shipping, and insurance.

  • Advise on collection management regarding custom private storage, data management programs, artwork conservation, appraisals, installation and de-installation, and deaccession.

Meyerowitz Photo Consultancy

Ariel works one-on-one with emerging and established photographers reviewing their portfolios, identifying areas of strength and projects in need of further development, and clarifying artist statements. Ariel advises on monograph editing, portfolio presentation, print size and quality, editioning, and pricing. Additionally, Ariel consults on website design and general social media self-promotion. To learn more or make an appointment, click here.

Examples of two photographers who Meyerowitz Photo Consultancy advised:


“I’ve known Ariel Meyerowitz since 2001. Not only does she come equipped with a wealth of knowledge about the inner workings of the photography world, she is also a delight to work with! Personally, I have found her advice invaluable in both how to precisely and cohesively edit my portfolio and how to then approach galleries with my work. In a field where getting your work in front of the right professionals may seem like uncharted territory, Ariel is able to help in mapping out a plan to get you there.”

Jonathan Smith

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“I have worked with Ariel for almost 20 years. When I was fresh out of school she helped me shape my work and mount my first New York City show. She is the person I still turn to the most for trusted advice on my career - image selections for gallery shows, project proposals for curators - really every detail of my art career, I consult with Ariel.”

Gail Albert Halaban